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My name is Lotta Andersson and maybe I may help you with your horse.

Do you have problems with your horse? It can be difficult to handle and you feel that you can’t correct the problem yourself I will be happy to help you.

Have you already sought for help and nothing works?

I can see / measure everything from small management problems to disease symptoms and vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Gastric problems and stomach ulcer in horses have been discussed quite frequently in different contexts. It has been speculated for several reasons for stomach ulcers and different explanatory models exist for the relationship between the presence of ulcer and feeding.

It is important for the horse’s well-being that the intestinal flora functions is as it should, if it interferes with the balance between the different microorganisms, serious problems can follow, such as diarrhea, colic and even laminitis. Such disturbances can occur if, for example, the horse is fed with excessive amounts of starch and fat, or if you change feed from one day to the next.

Horses are distinctly grassy and are completely adapted for grass in different forms as single foods. Nevertheless, many horses are fed with for the horse completely wrong food.

There are several types of concentrates, but what is common to them is that they generally contain more fat, protein, sugar or starch, wheat etc.

Horses that are over exhausted with to heavy fodder even though they do not need it, therefore become obese and overweight, and are likely to suffer from various types of health problems.

Instead of trying everything possible – do a personal hair analysis and you’ll get a clear message of your horse’s imbalances right away.

Hair analysis has become a valuable diagnostic technique for me.

My parents started developing this method more than 30 years ago and I’ve learned all I can of them. I am lucky to be able to be a part of and use all their knowledge and experience since they have run the Homeopathuset in Söderala for more than 30 years and Swedish Horse Power since 2002 in the United States. I do the same hair analysis method and recommend their amazing products that are completely natural and free of chemicals and toxins.

In a hair analysis, energy is measured in the body’s energy channels. The measurement method allows you to detect blockages in the different flows and above all at an early stage and why these blockages have occurred. Which makes us able to go direct to the core of the problem and not just only the symptoms.

In many ways, it is also a positive attitude when working with your horse, do not expect it to act in a negative way. Man has a significant role in how the horse works and many times it is you who must break old invasive patterns and give your horse natural food.

It’s important to focus on progress, do not think of failures!

When performing an analysis, the following areas are always examined:

  • The condition of the organ systems
  • The condition of the immune system
  • The condition of the nutrient uptake
  • The condition of the endocrine system
  • The condition of the mental system
  • The condition of the circulatory system
  • The condition of the joints and muscles systems

Hair analyses will be performed on both animals and humans. It is a method that will diagnose the state of health by measuring the flow of the electromagnetic circulatory system. Dietary advice: Horse, as far as people, need a proper feed. For more info click here to see hair analysis page.

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