AcuNail may support healthy fetlock joints. The horses’ fetlocks are exposed to high strains i.e easily affected by injuries.


  • May prevent suspensory ligament injuries.
  • May strengthen ligaments/tendon cartilag and joint capsules.
  • May prevent mud rash.
  • May prevent inflammatory conditions.
  • May prevent dry, brittle and cracked hooves

 AcuNail may be used to stimulate the blood circulation, and to ease stiffness and ache in the horse.

AcuNail - Smarter and Healthier than Liniment
AcuNail has no side effects, causes no skin irritations - on the horse or yourself, odorless and non-greasy, no waiting time before races. Above all; AcuNail is more economical and environmentally friendly. Can it get any smarter?

User manual

AcuNail shall be applied after exercise for about 20 minutes. Use the AcuNail on, for example, the frontleg fetlocks in order to prevent injuries and overexertion.

The Band will fit any zise Horses

The spikes are attached to the band with velcro and can easily be re-positioned in order to obtain the best possible effect. The band will fit any size horse. Can be used on all legs.


AcuNail – A Swedish Success we want to share with you.



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Our Bestseller

Active substances – ALL NATURAL
Calcium carbonate, Magnesium phosphate, Niacin, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Ascorbic acid.

The active substances are supposed to act as a catalyst for the syntheses of the amino acid Lysine. The active substances have influence of the stomach peristaltic and they seem to act as natural anti histamine.

Efficacy time
The active substance gives an immediate reaction on the hyper active gastric acid production. Most of our customer says that they can see results on the horses’ condition after 3 days.

Our experience of Gastromin is that it not only decreases the symptom of gastritis it also has an influence of the gastric ulcer. Gastromin has a spasmolytic effect of whole the intestine digestion system.

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