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We launched Swedish Horse Power Products in the United States in September 2002. In Sweden the products have been sold for 20 years and our 30 years of experience with horses gives our products the highest quality and effect.

All our products are NATURAL and made of primary products of the highest quality, a product cannot be better than the primary products in it; they do not contain any preservatives or other chemicals.

Many horse owners and trainers have been using Swedish Horse Power Products and have been very pleased with the results.

5 Responses to Products

  • I started using Gastromin 60 days ago and my horse has never looked so good. ”Gone” suffered from bleeding ulcers that I didn’t know about until it was to late. He lost 150 lbs in 7 days and I almost lost him. I have used EVERY product out there over the last year, but nothing has worked for him except this product!he went down in July of 2012 and he will make his first barrel run back tomorrow, after using Gastromin for 60 days. Gone is not suffering ANY stomach pain and he looks AMAZING!!! Thanks Swedish Horse Power for making such a GREAT product and you will have a faithful customer for life!!!

  • Can I have a list of european (sweden or Denmark) retailers of gastromin. Thx Pernille

  • I need to order some products. Please give me a call.
    Thanks Vern

  • I need to place a order please call me.


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