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Family Söderströms is some of very few people who are able to evaluate the condition of a horse using his unique Hair Analysis. They has used and fine tuned this method for almost thirty years and can; for instance, evaluate the future race career of a horse by studying the horse muscle density. This unique method enables them to customize any detailed nutrition program.



Cut a sample of hair from the horse’s mane, app. the size of a pen.  Wrap the hair sample in a piece of paper or plastic. If you send more than one hair sample in the same envelope, be sure you mark them with name or number, so that you are able to tell them apart.

Remember to include your name, address and phone number. Send the hair sample to 

Lotta Andersson,

Lottas Väg 32 A,

44392 Göteborg



Cell +46708277559

Only pre paid analysis will be done.


You can also contact us at phone/fax 727-386-5550 for more information.

Cell: 727-563-4112

Price per analysis $250.



The result of the analysis will be submitted in a Written Report that will address the horse’s condition.



Due to the high demand for hair analyses there is likely to be a certain waiting period. You will get more specific information about your analysis if you Contact Us.



Through the years some people have questioned if the hair analysis diagnostic technique is scientific proof. Those practicing traditional western medicine say that this type of diagnose is impossible. They say; the only information that can  be gathered by analysis of hair is some chronic dermatologic  conditions, genetic conditions, and previous exposure to toxic metals and pharmaceuticals.

We are very much aware of the fact that the traditional western medicine does not recognize that a hair analysis can provide any other information than those mentioned above.

However, there are large groups of medicinal practitioners that claim otherwise, groups which we believe have much more knowledge of the hair analysis and its possibilities than most veterinarians.

We are, with our hair analysis method, able to achieve very accurate and precise results that is working out very well for our purposes, namely to help the horse in the best way we can.

We do not, and have never, claimed that our services in any way will replace veterinarians or veterinary treatments. In fact, almost all of the horse owners we get in contact with have already sought that help. They have had their horses examined and medicated numerous times and at great cost.

The reason as to why they then have turned to us for assistance is that the treatments their horses have been undergoing have not been successful.

The hair analysis is a method that will help us understand why the horses’ in question do not respond well to these treatments, but since these people already have such a strong opinion of the hair analysis method we will not even start to try to tell them why it is such a powerful tool.

As for their claim that it is impossible to get specific information from a hair analysis; we are afraid that we aren’t aware of that fact! Our clients, and we have had many during the 30 odd years of performing hair analyses, haven’t noticed it either, on the contrary, we have repeatedly been told that the outcome of the analyses have been very accurate in addressing the horses’ problems and symptoms.

Hans and Elisabeth Söderström



Roger Mayotte

“I believe it’s one of the most useful non-invasive, diagnostic tools available to horsemen who need the right answers to correct the many problems we encounter when dealing with performance horses”.

Roger Mayotte



Casie Coleman

“The first Hair Analysis Report  I received was very impressive as it identified the organ that was disturbed, allergies, deficiencies (in detail), nutrient uptake, acute lameness and specific areas to watch for in the horse. I was amazed when it told me what line the horse was on when it jogged, my question was; all this from hair? Where else can you find results from an internal analysis and products to correct the problems”.

Casie Coleman


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