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We treat them ALL, from the Smallest to the Largest – and Everyone in Beetween

We treat all type of horses from the smallest pony to the biggest working horse. The horse that people use to race (“that run to earn money”) have perhaps been the largest category of our customers. This is because they get the most wear and tear.

But you will also find the working horse (“that just walk to earn their living”) as our customers. We have, and continue to treat champions from all different breeds and categories of horses. From an Olympic contestant to current trotting Champions in Europe and North America.

We sincerely thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to working with you and your horse. We are confident that we can be of help to you.

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Goody is doing GREAT! From the first day we put her on the Gastromin she started to get her appetite back. Since she did not want to eat so I mixed the Gastromin with water and gave it to her orally for the first week. She now eats it readily top dressed on her feed. I have to say that there are very few products on the market that actually do what they say and this product just saved my horse.

Thank you so much for this product!

Marywade Gilbert



My horse Asha had a chronic dysfunction in the stomach. She gets witchy and irritable when she is in pain. I have had a very hard time keeping weight on her even though she has ample access to hay. I was very ready to find a solution to Asha’s ulcer when I found out about Gastromin. I have been having excellent success with the Gastromin product. My horse has come around beautifully and I see a huge difference in her demeanor. She has been happy and calm since the introduction of the Gastromin.

Thank You

Stacey Currie



My story with Swedish Horse Power is that I started to work with their products since I worked for one of the larger trotting trainers in US and one of Swedish Horse Power agents told me about all the products because I was the one who had to give all the horses in the barn.

I started to see the results on all the horses and my two horses I took care of at that time, they “survived” the whole racing season and even at the end they got better and better. They stayed healthy and in great shape until the end. They always still finished their food and looked great.

So when we started our own barn in France, one product I know for sure I was going to use was Swedish Horse Power Products!!

Illona Klappe



”Your products have worked miracles on my mare. She is back on her feet and performing well. We don’t ever want to be without Gastromin.”

Gaye Steward

Shawnee Animal Hospital

Shawnee, OK



I am writing to thank you for your invaluable help and guidance regarding our three year old pacer Rhyds Destiny. After a hair test with you and feeding advised supplements and feed he went on to win three classic races all involving heats and finals . He has also been voted the most consistent 3 year old in the country.

We were put in touch with you by one of your agents David Wilson when he raced and although he won, was not at his best. As i said he went on to win the Sire Stakes, Welsh Dragon, and the Breeders Crown.

As you can imagine we are more than happy with his performance and he has never looked so well, and shows us in his daily demean our that he feels good in himself. We have two more race horses now in training for next season and will continue to use your products on all those also.

Rhyds Topaz and Rhyds Destiny are both owned and trained by Peter & Karen Addiss

The both broke track records at the Breeders Crown UK & Ireland on 7th & 8th August on the smallest standardbred track in the world, Corbie Wood Stadium in Scotland (almost 3 laps for 1 mile).

They both won over £2000 in prize money at this event.(£4750 in total).

Once again Thank you

Karen and Peter Addiss


Daylon Alert – GD’s Twin
Heat and Final Winner of 4 Year Old Mare division.

Owner G. Dunbar
Driven to victory by W. Greenhorn.

Supplied by European Distributor



“This product (Gastromin) works very well and is very cost effective”

Randy Bradshaw, Trainer
Adena Springs



I have a 4 year old Quarter Horse stallion, a son of Dash for Perks, that had a bone chip in his right ankle.

I feed him Pro-Combo #1 and #4 for about a month and a half we x-rayed him again. I wanted to know how he was doing. The x-rayed showed no bone chip. The vet said his leg was normal and nothing should hurting him.

Thanks to Swedish Horse Power is saved me $1500, we don’t have to removed it.

Angela Lamb
Logansport, La



“Gastromin has shown results in just 3 days. It keeps them eating and feeling good, with the OSS fast approaching this is important, also good for retention horses and those that wash out, and NO CUT OFF TIME, it is a horse’s best friend.

The Hair Analysis provides important information regarding allergies, deficiencies and a lot more, no time is lost with such information when preparing champions.

Thanks to Swedish Horse Power for the ultimate line of All Natural Products and the Hair Analysis it has benefited my stable and I highly recommended it to all horsemen.”

Carl J. Jamieson




“GASTROMIN” is an excellent product with extremely satisfying results. Very cost effective!”

Eddie Woods



In the race horse business we hear the phrase, “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” from horseman who has been in the business their entire lives. There is always something new to learn or see.

Recently, we put together a concerted effort, including 40+ years of experience in training, vets, chiropractic efforts, and personal hands on methods, with no success.

The 4 yr. old thoroughbred had shown tremendous ability in his races but as some say had “fallen apart”.

It started with him being noticeably uncomfortable, and then what looked like a stifle problem or back problem, then weight and muscle loss. After a respectful lay off, we put him back in training and it all began again.  We were almost to the point of giving up, which in this business is the last resort, when we decided to try one last thing.

We tried Gastromin. It worked. We saw it with our own eyes and still it was hard to believe. In three days we saw a difference; in two weeks we saw muscle tone renewed; stiffness alleviated; normal intake and output of feed; his personality returned and he started tracking and working smoothly.

Within 60 days he was in the win circle.  We have a returned excitement that we will see him reach his potential, thanks to Jack Bremer, who introduced us to a product called Gastromin.

H G Racing



I have a 27 year old mare that was as close to being three legged as you could get.  After numerous visits by the veterinarian who diagnosed her with a chip fracture extensor process of the coffin bone it was suggested I try Swedish Horse Power.

I started my mare on Minesyl, Ferromin and Ligamin and within two week she showed great improvement and was able to be turned out into a small paddock. Within a month she was able to go out into the open field with the other horses.

Hannah’s life was literally saved by the product since nothing else had worked. I was considering putting her down.

Hannah and I both thank you for such great products.

Karen Edwards



I am an endurance rider who purchased an Arabian gelding. Within the first eight weeks of ownership he had intestine problems. After an endoscope was done by the University of Florida it was proven what was the horse problem.

We change fodder and feed the horse the feed supplement Gastromin and it give a very good result.

Thank you for such a wonderful natural product that heals ulcers and is affordable.

Lucy Snook



”I believe it’s one of the most useful non-invasive, diagnostic tools available to horsemen who need the right answers to correct the many problems we encounter when dealing with performance horses”.

Roger Mayotte



“Racing during the tough part of the season Ferromin keeps them going. Each horse is treated individually its important to keep stomach and intestines healthy. I will continue to use the products”

Trond Smedshammer



“I have use Swedish Horse Power Products on my whole stable. It works fast and you need that with claimers. I contribute part of my success to these ultimate products, it adapts easily to the different needs of each individual horse in it’s unique way.

The horse loves it, they clean it up right in their feed. It is important with the amount of horses I have, that they all eat and feel good, that keeps them on top of their game.

I highly recommend these products to everyone involved with endurance horses. It works!”

Casie Coleman



“We use Swedish Horse Power Products and have been pleased with our results. Let these natural supplement boost your horse too!”

Erv Miller
Erv Miller Stable