For more than thirty years ago, Family Söderström started their company in Sweden. Over time, they have turned their business into an extremely distinctive enterprise.

They provide a service, to the market, that is absolutely unique.

Over the course of time they have developed a proprietary diagnostic method (hair analysis) in combination with their own line of products to treat horses and enhance their performance.
The program consists of:

  • Hair Analysis as a diagnostic tool
  • Dietary Therapy
  • Products to address the horse’s condition



A few years ago, Family Söderström decided to take  their products to the US market. These products are made and sold by Group 8 Manufacturing, Inc. based in Clearwater, Florida. The company was incorporated in June, 2002 and are selling the products under the brand name Swedish Horse Power Products. All of the products are manufactured in Florida.



Hans and Elisabeth Söderström is two of few  people able to evaluate the condition of a horse using Hair Analysis. The development of the Hair Analysis and the products has a very close  connection. This unique method enables Hans and Elisabeth to customize a detailed nutrition program. The Hair Analysis is a time consuming process and we recommend this service be used when other diagnostic methods have failed or have been unsuccessful.



Dietary therapy and nutrition are historically important part of holistic therapy.



”Our mission is to educate others by giving them the knowledge of an alternative method of treatment and care for the horse. The pleasure, working with high performance horses can benefit greatly from these Products you are about to be introduced to.

The naturally occurring compounds we use have been researched extensively; the blending is done with precision and great care in order to guarantee a final product of the highest quality and potency.

Alternative treatment is certainly not new it has been with us for centuries, modern medicine stems from the curative properties found in plant life. Horses know instinctively which herbs and minerals are necessary to them for optimal well health but they are no longer living in a wild condition and are not able to get these plants them selves. We, as care-takers, are able to supply, to the horse, these organic compounds in the form of nutritional supplements.

So come, browse through our website and let us enlighten you to the wonders of alternative treatments. Nature’s way, still is often the best way”.

Hans and Elisabeth Söderström


New Phone and Fax Number

Phone and Fax: 727-386-5550
Cell phone: 727-563-4112

Our Bestseller

Active substances – ALL NATURAL
Calcium carbonate, Magnesium phosphate, Niacin, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Ascorbic acid.

The active substances are supposed to act as a catalyst for the syntheses of the amino acid Lysine. The active substances have influence of the stomach peristaltic and they seem to act as natural anti histamine.

Efficacy time
The active substance gives an immediate reaction on the hyper active gastric acid production. Most of our customer says that they can see results on the horses’ condition after 3 days.

Our experience of Gastromin is that it not only decreases the symptom of gastritis it also has an influence of the gastric ulcer. Gastromin has a spasmolytic effect of whole the intestine digestion system.

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