The General Analysis

When performing an analysis, the following areas are always examined: The condition of the organ systems, the immune system, the nutrient uptake, the endocrine system, the mental system, the circulatory system, allergies,  the condition of the joints and muscles systems.

The Result of the Analysis

The result of the analysis will be given in a written report that will address all the conditions as described in The General Analysis. Due to the high interest in hair analyses it is likely to be a certain waiting period.

How to ordering a hair analysis

Cut a tuft of hair from the horse’s mane, app. the size of a pen. Wrap the hair sample in a piece of paper or plastic. If you send more than one hair sample in the same envelope, be sure to mark them with a name or a number, so that you are able to tell them apart.


When you send your hair sample, remember to include your name, address and phone number. The horses name (or nickname), age, breed and gender.

Horse Trainer says

“I believe it’s one of the most useful non-invasive, diagnostic tools available to horsemen who need the right answers to correct the many problems we encounter when dealing with performance horses”.

Roger Mayotte

Acupuncture Meridians

The picture describes the acupuncture meridians in form of the red and blue lines.When we do the Hair Analysis we always start to measure the energy flow in the 14 acupuncture meridians. They transport  energy to the cells in the organs connected to the meridians. A disturbance in any of that flow will cause reactions in the organ connected to the meridian.We have scanned thousands of horses through the years and that has enabled us to build a very large data base for different problems and symptoms.

“The first Hair Analysis Report  I received was very impressive as it identified the organ that was disturbed, allergies, deficiencies (in detail), nutrient uptake, acute lameness and specific areas to watch for in the horse. I was amazed when it told me what line the horse was on when it jogged, my question was; all this from hair? Where else can you find results from an internal analysis and products to correct the problems”.

Casie Coleman