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Since we launched Swedish Horse Power Products in the United States in September, 2002, we are happy to share with you how our Natural Feed Supplements make such a vital difference in the lives of so many horses. We take great pride in the High Quality of our Products and in the success we have had Promoting Animal Health both in Sweden and around the world. We hope that you will join our family of satisfied customers. We are confident that our products will meet Your Horse´s Needs and that you will experience good results when using them.

Hans and Elisabeth Söderström

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What I write on the website is largely comprised of our personal experiences that we would like to share. We do not make any claims to be medically or scientifically right or correct according to the norms found in conventional medical studies.However, we make sure to participate in studies, reports, as well as new research. We are fully aware that all research does not always consider humans and/or animals best interest, and is in some cases more focused on the economical aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

Health Library

Do you know
What Causes Ulcer in Horses?

High level of concentrated fooder
(high mixutres of grain, syntetic vitamins, concentrated minerals and perservatives in various form of texture e.u. pellets)

Equine Gastric Ulcer