What we share is proven experience that has been well tested over a long period of studies.


What I write on the website is largely comprised of our personal experiences that we would like to share. We do not make any claims to be medically or scientifically right or correct according to the norms found in conventional medical studies.

However, we make sure to participate in studies, reports, as well as new research. We are fully aware that all research does not always consider humans and/or animals best interest, and is in some cases more focused on the economical aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

What we share is proven experience that has been well tested over a long period of studies. Proven experience means that we achieve homogenous results each time something is repeated.

We tend to experience, along with our customers, that when they are feeding their animals and self-caring using our products, the result is regained health. Some people suggest that the cause for this health regain in humans is merely due to a placebo effect, but it is hard to believe the same is true for animals.

Needless to say, our hair analyses have been questioned and scrutinized throughout the years. It is theorized that it is impossible to acquire any other information from hair other than the genetic image, and several dermatological diseases if one has been in contact with toxic metals or pharmaceuticals.

We are well aware that conventional medicine does not acknowledge that any other information can be gathered from hair; our answer for this is that this statement is not something we have been able to accede to, and our customers the same. On the contrary, our customers have repeatedly made it known that the results of our analyses have been very precise and clearly illustrated a complete image of symptoms along with the cause for them.

We have never alleged that our service should replace medical treatment or allopathic medicine*. On the other hand, the majority of our customers have already sought that type of help, been examined and medicated; the reason for reaching out to us is most often that the conventional treatment has not given the desired result.

*Allopathic: the implication of this is that certain plants have the ability to emit substances that are poisonous to other plants, which gives them the ability to quickly replace the natural vegetation. Allopathic medicine has a similar effect inside the body to which it is applied.


Since newly abandoned pups are competing with each other for human heartstrings, evolution says they should be most adorable around six and 11 weeks. This is around the time they’re weaned and let go of by their mothers. (Related: “Does Your Dog Prefer You Over Anyone Else? It’s Complicated”)
There are a few characteristics that humans find particularly adorable across species: big, forward-facing eyes, floppy and unstable limbs, and a soft, rounded body shape. We’re also keen to squeal when animals have large heads in comparison to their bodies, and this reaction goes back to evolution.



The SI-joints (sacroiliac joints) are located on each side of the horses croup about one dm under the skin and are not palpable. The SI-joints are not necessarily agile;



Horses are born with a certain amount of muscle fibers. Through exercise the horses’ abilities can be improved; this due to the fact that muscle fibers grow in thickness, but the number of muscle cells remains the same.

The Horses Muscles and Tissues


The muscular system is made up of the striated muscles, skeleton together with the skeletons connective tissues, joints, and cartilage. The skeleton is held together by bands and ligaments that form anchors and levers for the muscles.

Locomotion System


The lungs, together with the skin, kidneys, and the colon are the four detoxifying organs.


Yeast are fungi, but does it belong to the animal or plant kingdom? Researchers thought long about it and came to a conclusion that it is its own art.


Colic is a large problem throughout the world, but it is a disease created by us humans. In the wind horses do not get colic

Lungs Coat and Respiration Yeast Colic